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I will come to your yard and learn about your landscape goals. We will identify specific areas to focus on, and I will take loads of photos. Your customized Strategic Habitat Enhancement Report will guide the transformation with prescriptions for each of the focus areas, including a site-specific palette of native and near-native plants to enhance habitat value. I will help you choose plant species that will do best in YOUR garden, with all of its unique challenges and opportunities!

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Includes Strategic Habitat Enhancement Report

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After seeming like an eternity living with an ugly yard full of rocks and not much else; Carianne helped me to discover the beauty of the desert and what native plants have to offer. Today when I step into my backyard I am surrounded by color and amazingly beautiful plants. Carianne guided me through the process and I have a new love of my yard and what is around me. My yard is perfect and I can’t imagine if I had worked with anyone else it would have turned out as well!

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Cynthia Beving